Sunday, November 2, 2014


With my background in kinesiology and exercise physiology I utilize many tools to create an optimum training program for my clients. Programs may include:

- Functional training utilizing the natural movements of the body
- Pilates inspired stretching & core conditioning
- Aerobic & resistance training
- Myofascial release & PNF stretching
- Sports specific conditioning techniques
- Martial arts style interval training
- Nutrition & sports nutrition guidance
- Balance & fall prevention

All programs start with a consultation where we discuss your goals, and medical & exercise history. Appropriate assessments & functional screening are performed as needed. These preliminary steps are essential in designing the right program. Careful & safe progression are important in keeping my clients free from injury. Programs are varied to prevent boredom & burnout, and reassessments are done periodically as indicated.

Sessions may be individual, with a partner or in small groups, Together we decide what format suits your needs, preferences & lifestyle. Consistency, of course, is also essential to success.

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