Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fitness Spark*s* Makes Its Debut - How Old Are You Really?

Fitness Spark*s*
A random collection of information, tips and food for thought on fitness, health, wellness and wellbeing meant to spark - inspire - the lifestyle changes that will boost your wellbeing.
spark – a latent particle capable of growth or developing. (Merriam Webster).

Today’s Spark - how old are you really? What’s your age physiologically as opposed to your chronological age?  Are you physiologically older or younger than your years?Try the fitness calculator devised by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science &
Technology and find out!

The test estimates your VO2max (maximal oxygen consumption) which has been correlated with aerobic fitness. This in turn has been shown to decline linearly with age. Aerobic exercise can actually turn back the clock  on your physiological age by increasing your VO2max.

Do you want to be younger than your calendar age? Then, its time to get moving!  Make a complimentary appointment today 
- to assess your body's needs
- plan a goal oriented fitness routine; or
-identify simple lifestyle or dietary changes

This individualized consultation may prove one of your best long term investments for your future fitness & well being.

Welcome To My Blog
There’s a lot of confusing and conflicting information on health, fitness, and nutrition out there, so I will try to separate the useful from the less useful. I have occasionally sent articles, references & links to my regular clients for this purpose, so I am just continuing it here.

I intend to present information based only on validated scientific research. When this isn’t possible, I will say so. Conclusive answers about exercise protocols are a lot easier to obtain than definitive answers about nutrition, due to differences in the nature of the research. Nutrition research must be done over many years, whereas an exercise protocol can be tested in a few months. 

Future Topics
Stay tuned for future topics:
-Hazards of sitting all day and what you can do about it
-How to start to exercise
-What is fitness as opposed to health & wellness
-What's the best diet?
-Who ya' going to trust - reliable sources of information

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Till later – keep moving,

Judy Chong, Pharm.D., MS, CSCS
Fitness Spark Personal Training 

Disclaimer – Fitness Spark*S* is not intended as medical advice. Some clients should check in with their physician first.  You can learn more about my credentials at or the right menu bar.

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