Sunday, November 2, 2014

About Us - Fitness Spark Personal Training


My name is Judy Chong. I am a former pharmacist, mother of three and long term Bay Area resident. I have personally experienced many of the ups and downs of trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle through proper diet and exercise, so I am in a unique position to help my clients.

Fitness Spark provides individualized personal training, and health, fitness & wellness mentoring for clients of all ages. I have designed programs to accommodate a wide variety of fitness goals, whether that is improving your tennis or golf game, weight loss, playing with the grandkids, or simply maintaining the ability to live an independent lifestyle.

My clients include competitive high school, collegiate and adult athletes working to prepare for the season, tryouts or special events. My clients have competed in high school, collegiate & adult tennis, baseball, soccer & dancesport teams and a company eco challenge event. At the other end of the spectrum, I work with adults at a retirement facility, teaching classes in balance & fall prevention.

I have given seminars to offices & small groups (including UC San Diego’s Dancesport Team, and the Cal Dance Team (UC Berkeley) on stretching, ergonomics, stress management, and sports nutrition. I have also taught sports nutrition at Las Positas College and Cal State East Bay. Recently I have given corporate wellness talks on maintaining cardiac health, diabetes and nutrition.

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