Monday, February 9, 2015

Healthy Diet Swaps

 Healthy Nutrition Swaps
Each post, I will try to include a healthy recipe or healthy diet suggestions.  Here are some to try:

*Instead of cereal, or granola, make your own oatmeal – this cuts the sugar, and sodium from prepackaged mixes.  Many rice cookers have a setting for this, so you can use the fiber rich steel cut oatmeals, and have breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

* Try scrambled eggs with veggies, instead of an egg sandwich.  You get fiber, a serving of vegetables, and healthy nutritients.  And if, you use egg whites, you’re cutting the cholesterol & saturated fat in the egg yolk.

*Instead of ice cream, try some frozen blueberries with some nonfat yogurt as a topping instead.  Or, blend a frozen banana at high speed until it reaches that creamy texture.  Both methods cut the calories, fat & sugar and have healthy micronutrients.

*Turkey sausage instead of pork or beef, has less saturated fat.  Watch the sodium and saturated fat, however, in what you purchase.

*Salad for lunch?  Make it spinach instead of almost nutritionless iceburg lettuce.  Spinach has more nutrients including vitamins A & C, as well as iron, magnesium & folate.

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